Top 10 Secrets About Clippers

Clippers is one of the most successful teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). They have a long and storied history, and here are ten secrets you may not know about them:

1. The Clippers were originally based in Buffalo, New York. In 1978, they moved to San Diego, CA where they remained until 1984 when they officially relocated to Los Angeles.

2. The team has had many nicknames over the years including Buffalo Braves, San Diego Clippers, LA Clippers and now just the LA Lakers.

3. Even with their move to Los Angeles, the team still did not become known as the “Clippers” until 1985 – after it was discovered that there was already another basketball team in LA called the Lakers.

4. The Clippers first ever NBA championship in 2010 was a huge surprise, as not many people expected them to win it all.

5. Despite their success, the team has struggled financially over the years and has often been seen as a “second-class” franchise compared to the Lakers and other larger teams in the league.

6. Basketball Hall of Fame player Elgin Baylor was one of the original owners of the Clippers when they were still based in San Diego and served as president for several years during their tenure there.

7. Basketball legend Michael Jordan briefly played for the Clippers during his brief stint as an NBA player in 2001-2002 before retiring shortly after.

8. The team made a big splash in the offseason of 2011 when they signed arguably the best player in the league, Chris Paul, to a long-term contract.

9. Basketball superstar Blake Griffin joined the Clippers as part of their “Big Three” alongside Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan and helped carry them to six straight playoff appearances from 2012-2017.

10. In 2016, Steve Ballmer became the new owner of the team with a record $2 billion purchase price – making him one of the wealthiest owners in all of professional sports.

These ten secrets are just some of what makes up an incredible history for this storied franchise. With so much success over its decades in the NBA, it’s no wonder why so many people around the world are drawn to the Clippers Basketball team.






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